Grievous Effects of Poverty on the Youth


Tagged as one of the most populous nations in Africa, Nigeria continues to overwhelm news sections by having more than half of her population living below poverty line. It can be heart-wrenching to see that the nation continues to arduously crawl through survival, and the perennial predicament has been affecting every resident, including the innocent youth. Just how disastrous can poverty get? What effects can it possibly do to the youth? NDCA listed six high possibilities:

  • Insecurity
    Not being able to live a comfortable life can make youth – in their emotional vulnerability – envious of others who may be standing on a better ground. It becomes upsetting for them to see others enjoy the basic commodities their family couldn’t even obtain all the time. Material insecurity can later grow into insecurities with beauty, knowledge, and abilities, loved ones and much more. Young people who could not stand above their insecurity and get through it may only be up for worse.

  • Discrimination
    Discrimination can likely be experienced because of social status, race, and appearance. It has the power to shatter emotions and shade the mind with darkness. Among all age groups, it’s the children and teenagers who can have a difficult time responding positively to discrimination of all sorts.

  • Unsafety
    It can be easy to feel unsafe when you are dwelling in a dreadfully impoverished nation. It is difficult to find a shelter that protects you from any form of danger. It is also challenging to find a firm refuge from the constant shifting of climate. Youth living in poverty can hardly pride in having a presentable home. They end up settling for less than what their families should have deserved.

  • Lack of Education
    Because of financial constraint, young people are unfortunate to depend on their parents’ own pockets for quality education. Individuals with great potentials are forced to adapt to a lowly living. Just when the youth is deemed to be the hope of tomorrow, they only turn out to be deprived of a gleaming future. Hence, excellent training and exposures are but unreachable stars in the sky.

  • Unhealthiness
    Because of the incapacity to meet the basic needs like food, shelter, and clothing, the youth are less protected and low in nutrients. They earn a great tendency to fall into a variety of diseases, and worse, there is no easy access to adequate medications. In worst case scenarios, ill individuals who are unable to receive healthcare treatments would end up bidding earthly life goodbye.

  • Crime
    Youth who are unable to cope up with poverty turn themselves to be villains in the society. They engage in illegal activities just to acquire the needs of their family. They sacrifice their morals, finding comfort in doing a crime just to survive.

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