Welcome to (NDCA)NSU Development & Cultural Association - North America

We are a charitable non-profit organization that strives to provide help to people of Nigeria, as well as people all over the world. Not everyone is as fortunate as us, and these people are struggling every single day just to live. It is our mission and our goal to provide these people with the help and the support they need to live a better life. We make sure to give anyone who needs our help, the opportunity to improve their situation and to get out of poverty once and for all!

We strive to help anyone and everyone we can in order to build a stronger community to those we serve, to mold a brighter future for those in need, and to make a better world to live in!

How YOU can take Action

If you want to take action and make a difference today, all you have to do is donate! Please click here if you would like to change someone’s life for a better tomorrow.

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Programs We Offer

We offer a myriad of programs that are designed to help the people of Nigeria improve their living situations and enhance their quality of living. We are here to help give people who are struggling or who are barely clinging to life a ray of hope. When it seems like you are at the bottom and if it feels like there is no way out, just count on us because through our programs and services, we can help you live the life you deserve today.

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