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Five Ways Education can Change the World

It’s sad how some of us ignore the importance of education. We often ignore the benefits that we have gained from having access to educational institutions. Some of us forget that education is a privilege and there are people all … Continue reading

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What Volunteerism Can Do for You

In times that we are in right now, a helping hand can do so much in the community. The world needs help from everyone who believes that nothing is impossible. We often see individuals and families helping people in the … Continue reading

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Building a Better World One Brick at a Time

NSU Development & Cultural Association – North America aims to create a better world one brick at a time. The underdeveloped world struggles because of lack of infrastructure, schools, hospitals, and even suitable houses. Through our volunteer services and programs, … Continue reading

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5 Life-Changing Reasons Why More People Should Become Philanthropists and Volunteers

Philanthropy. A word that refers to the desire to help others by giving financial support to promote stability and development. Volunteerism. A term that signifies involvement in community outreach programs and activities. Both terms carry big meanings and contribute major … Continue reading

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How Valuable Is Medication in Underprivileged Societies?

Medication, depending on what kind, is something we can easily access. Even the rarest types, when needed, are not impossible to obtain. It’s because we can readily acquire these products that lead us to take them for granted sometimes. So … Continue reading

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