The Heart of a Philanthropist


When a piteous community within your reach calls for willing helpers, how do you usually respond? Do you grab your keys and drive your way to the despaired area? Or do you crawl into your bed and sleep on the matter?

A “philanthropist” – that’s how they call people who have the heart to reach out and give to the needy. Do you carry the heart of a philanthropist? Let’s dive in and take a look at what’s inside that heart:

  • The Desire to Give
    The desire to give comes out of generosity, empathy, and compassion. When you have this kind of heart, the extent to which you give becomes less important than your attitude and motive for giving. Sacrificing even a big portion of your finances for others wouldn’t be considered a loss, because you didn’t let go of an asset for no reason. In fact, there is a strong sense of fulfillment that comes after; as they say, “It’s better to give than to receive”. Giving generously becomes who you are. You always have the heart to feel for the needs of others and intentionally meet them.

  • The Desire to Reach Out
    Not only is donation your means of helping; there is also a strong passion in you to get connected with the community you are helping. There is the desire to immerse, engage, and build lasting relationships. You reach out by making yourself available when outreach programs call for volunteers, or when there are opportunities for site visits. It’s in reaching out that you know people better and see their real needs on a deeper level.

  • The Desire to Influence
    When there is any community in need, you make use of your influence to help attract more volunteers and willing donors. You help spread the need and gain more passionate problem solvers. You become a promoter of a certain awareness and advocacy that shapes society and changes the perspective of ordinary people. People can see that the causes of what you’re sacrificing for are indispensable. As you promote, you set the example. And as you set the example, you become a great influencer.

  • The Desire to Spread Joy
    A philanthropist’s heart is passionate about putting joy in the lives of less-fortunate individuals. It does anything it can to spread positive vibes and paint hope in the minds of the suffering. And when the heart gives joy, it ends up becoming even more joyful in return.

  • The Desire to Love
    Losing yourself in service of others can be draining in the long run when it is done for all the wrong motives. But when love becomes the ultimate drive for helping out, there will always be an inerasable willingness to take risks for others. Love drives you to put others first before yourself.

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