Importance of Proper Sanitation in Communities

cleaning the house

Since grade school, our teachers have already emphasized how important cleanliness, good hygiene, and proper sanitation are. We have been trained to keep ourselves well-groomed. However, these lessons have not been taught in all schools around the world. Some communities continue to ignore how important good sanitation is.

Consequently, (NDCA) NSU Development & Cultural Association – North America encourages more people to create an impact to the world by educating communities to maintain proper hygiene and sanitation.

Do you know why?

  1. Prevention of Diseases

    Cleanliness among households within the community and the community as a whole is directly related to our health. When we maintain proper sanitation in ourselves and in our community, we become healthier and our bodies could ward off diseases easily.

    Meanwhile, localities with poor sanitation often suffer from high number of health issues like cholera, diarrhea, worms, and malaria. Lack of access to clean water, poor waste management, and want of proper toilet facilities are just some of the factors which worsen the risk to getting these dangerous diseases. But with proper education and aide brought by organizations like NDCA, communities could re-evaluate their sanitation practices to prevent diseases.

  2. Increase Community Productivity

    A healthy workforce is an essential factor of economic growth, and; the working class will only become in good physical shape when they live in a community which puts cleanliness and sanitation in top priority. An employee who lives in a house with complete household equipment and cleaning items could not get sick instantly. On the other hand, a person who lives in a place which is not cleaned properly and regularly could get diseases from his environment and could possibly be sickly.

    Now, who between these two would be more productive? Surely, the one which is healthier could accomplish more because of his health and sanitation practices.

  3. Protection of the Environment

    Proper sanitation also helps protect our environment and it promotes sustainability at the same time. For instance, when we know how to segregate our garbage and how to properly dispose of each type, the habit could give us two benefits- our house’s cleanliness is maintained and our waste would not contribute to the pollution in the environment.

Through educating small or large communities which do not have appropriate knowledge about how to maintain a clean community and a healthy environment, NDCA aims to change the world positively.

We can also contribute in creating a good impact to the world. By volunteering or helping various charitable institutions to pursue their missions, we engrave a mark on the lives of others in a positive way.

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