Health Check-Ups for Far-Flung Communities

Lady having a medical check-up

Not all people living in the urban areas appreciate the necessity of getting regular health check-ups. For the most of us, medical check-ups are not necessary and we only need them when we are already sick. Because of the proximity of health institutions and hospitals to us, we could not fully comprehend their importance to our lives.

But are you aware that there are still communities around the world which do not have the same readily-available clinics and hospitals like that in our locale? Can you imagine how they would survive illnesses without proper health equipment?

(NDCA) NSU Development & Cultural Association – North America promotes health programs in far-flung communities including medical check-ups for the following reasons:

  • For Early Diagnosis

    NDCA targets far-flung areas which do not have enough access to medical institutions for programs on medical aides. These medical and health-related programs also include medical check-ups for communities within and outside the country. We understand how important our health is and how we should make ourselves fully aware of what our body feels, to achieve longevity. Hence, we bring medical check-ups to these communities who need them the most.

    By bringing check-ups to them, health problems could be detected readily. These check-ups would allow not only those who are currently suffering from pains or other symptoms but also those who are seemingly feeling fine. When more people take advantage of this program, diseases would be diagnosed early on.

  • To Find Better Medications

    When a community does not have an established and operating health service provider, it is most likely that these people do not have access to drugs which have been invented and manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. Some rely only on herbs which are available in their locale and use them as their treatment.

    Although some herbs may be effective in curing particular diseases, they do not have the same effect like the medications prescribed by physicians and those bought from reputable pharmacies. Nonetheless, with the medical missions coming to these communities, treatment and medications could be brought to them. Organizations conducting medical missions bring along with them drugs for simple and common diseases for the communities’ benefit so they will no longer rely on herbs.

  • Ask Health-related Queries

    Another important purpose of medical missions in various communities is to provide these people with basic health education. With missions and institutions visiting these communities and establishing health infrastructures like hospitals, people become more educated about their health- how to maintain their well-being, the manner of curing basic sickness and identifying diseases by taking note of simple disease indicators.

When physicians or other health professionals come to the community, the citizens can ask any health-related questions while getting the check-up. This will help expand their knowledge about health and diseases in general.

Communities without or with minimum access to health service providers are prone to diseases. So we should help improve their health practices by donating to charitable institutions which provide medical missions and other programs of this type to these communities.

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