Social Service: What Can You Do to Help?


The concept of humanitarian service has evolved over time. It can be characterized by a simple act of sharing to helping save a life. It is our civic duty to help the less fortunate, but how do we really help them?

NDCA or the NSU Development and Cultural Association – North America is the perfect platform for social service. We are an organization that facilitates rehabilitation and charity programs to our friends and folks around the globe who needs financial and health assistance.

For years, we have been organizing medical missions and home building projects to give the less fortunate their basic needs and help them sustain their daily living. We know how difficult it is for the underdeveloped countries to provide for all their people. And knowing that we have more, it is with great joy that we share a portion of our blessings.

If you are interested in donating or joining our projects, you can do so in not just one but in multiple ways!

  1. Participate in our medical mission
    On some days wherein we visit mountainous areas or in far-flung communities, we conduct a medical mission to these people. If you are a healthcare worker or a medical professional, this is one way of sharing your blessings to the poor by giving them a free check-up or even give them some generic medicine in case they are sick or they are currently suffering from fever or allergies.
  2. Donate some materials for our house projects
    Another aspect of social work that we are focusing on is the housing projects. There are still many people who do not have a suitable living area. Some people settle for used materials and make it their home while kids are left homeless in the streets.
    You can donate steel bars, blocks or bricks and other usable materials to build quality homes for our brothers and sisters. If you want to add more excitement to this, you can even help us build in our location!
  3. Help build a community hospital
    If you want to go big when it comes to helping, you can lend a hand to our hospital projects. We believe that access to health care is a necessity, hence, everyone must be able to get quality drugs and timely check-ups from doctors.

Sadly, not every place has a readily available hospital. For those living in the rural areas, they have to travel for hours before they can buy a painkiller. Some would have to spend a lot before they can get a decent check-up. What we envision at NDCA is for the time to come wherein everyone can go to the nearest hospital in no time. They can access the prescription drugs without spending too much.

All these can come to life if we all work hand in hand. It takes more than one hand to make a change. And if you believe in the cause of social service and charity, be a part of our team today!

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