How Good Education Saves Children from Poor Countries?

How Good Education Saves Children from Poor Countries?

In highly urbanized countries like the United States of America, education seems to be an option. The citizens can still have a good life even without completing formal educational stature. Opportunities are everywhere. Anybody can be rich and successful with a little luck and perseverance. However, this is not the case in poorer countries.

In many parts of Africa, however, third world countries exist. In these places, education is treated differently. Unlike in successful countries where education is considered a demandable entitlement, poorer regions consider the same as a rare jewel amidst rocky plains. It is hard to attain and certainly not handed to you on a silver platter.

But quality education saves the people, especially the youth. That is why (NDCA) NSU Development & Cultural Association – North America strongly advocates free education for poor young citizens. Here are our strong sentiments behind such stand:

  • Better employment opportunities

    In poorer countries like Nigeria, greener job titles will require certain educational attainment. Without the same, common employment opportunities are reduced to agricultural and labor industries. Sadly, these kinds of employment are barely capable of providing a decent living. To stop the cycle of poverty, the younger generation must be equipped with high standard education to subsequently land at better jobs.

  • Economic independence

    For poor families, lack of money is like an invisible prison. The financial deficiency disables all the family members to succeed and achieve a better life, including the next generation. If not remedied, the cycle will continue. With education, children will be given the skills to succeed. After finding a decent paying job, they may now start changing the lives of their family members.

  • Community awareness

    Through education, the youth, even those from the poorest regions, can be given a mouthpiece. Upon learning how to communicate and express thoughts formally, the world can start listening to their stories. And as the number of viewers grows, the possibility of receiving help will increase.

  • Social maturity

    Social issues like teenage pregnancy and overpopulation can be resolved when the newer generation is educated. The youngsters can be oriented and disciplined. Education will show them that there are more alternative paths other than those taken by their parents and ancestors.

  • Progressive thinking

    Also, education teaches the youth to be pragmatic. After learning the mistakes of the past, the next generation will formulate newer and more effective lifestyles to attain a better future.

Want to be part of a movement that will help shape the world for the better? (NDCA) NSU Development & Cultural Association – North America is in need of capable, creative, and willing individuals like you. In our team, we will strive to deliver social services to the less fortunate. If you got the heart for these kinds of things, you will certainly find a spot in our crew.

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