5 Life-Changing Reasons Why More People Should Become Philanthropists and Volunteers

5 Life-Changing Reasons Why More People Should Become Philanthropists and Volunteers

Philanthropy. A word that refers to the desire to help others by giving financial support to promote stability and development. Volunteerism. A term that signifies involvement in community outreach programs and activities. Both terms carry big meanings and contribute major changes to the society. Have you ever tried to become a philanthropist or a volunteer?

As the distance between the poor and the rich grow bigger, philanthropists and volunteers become the agents of positive social change. Through their several undertakings, they are able to bridge the gap between the two social strata. Basically, they are superheroes without capes and names.

As a nonprofit organization with lofty goals of helping the poor, we at (NDCA) NSU Development & Cultural Association – North America would like the numbers of philanthropists and volunteers to grow. We are also inviting you too! But what is in it for you? Here is a short enumeration that we prepared:

  • Contribution to social development.

    Being a philanthropist or volunteer gives you the opportunity to shape tomorrow. You will never know, the persons you helped today may grow to become significant players in the society later on. The more you contribute help, the higher is the possibility that more lives will improve. Unknowingly, you will create a chain reaction of goodness and progress.

  • Meeting new people.

    Meeting new faces is a direct consequence of touching more lives. Also, the people who are with you in bettering the lives of others can become your companions, not only during your charitable activities but in other instances. It is common for co-philanthropists to end up becoming business partners and other like relations.

  • Tax benefits.

    As a result of delivering improvements to the less fortunate, the state somewhat rewards you for a job well done. By extending social services to the needy, you unburdened the government of its social responsibilities. Depending on your donation or service, a certain percentage of tax credit or exemption can be made available to you.

  • That priceless and irreplaceable feeling.

    When you give and expect nothing in return, you actually receive something. There is that feeling of intangible remuneration that after your deeds, you know that by the next day, somebody else’s life is much better. Philanthropy and volunteerism allow you to feel a certain degree of happiness you will never find in other sources.

  • Propagating philanthropy and volunteerism to others.

    As you conduct your deeds, you also get to inspire others to join your cause. To these future philanthropists and volunteers, you also impacted their lives for good.

No help is too small to be counted. So long as you are contributing your resources or services from the heart, it will certainly reach the depths of our recipients’ hearts. (NDCA) NSU Development & Cultural Association – North America is still in a search for individuals that are ready to make earth a better place for people of all social status.

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