6 Ways to Make Life More Meaningful

6 Ways to Make Life More Meaningful

Have you lately been feeling like you are just passing on earth without much meaning? There comes a time in our lives when we want to do more than just existing and do normal jobs or run companies. We want to find meaning in what we do and we want to know that we create impact. Here are some ways to make your life more meaningful starting today:

  • Count Your Blessings. List them on a sheet of paper daily or on a journal you can keep. You can write anything you are grateful for like “I am grateful for the gift of sunshine” and “I am blessed to have a roof over my head and coffee in my mug”. By doing this, you give yourself a good feeling because you have what you need and even more every day.

  • Interact with Everyone. When you walk past strangers, you may be the type who drops the gaze down to the floor. This time, try to smile while you walk. When your eyes meet someone else’s eyes, you can flash a smile (small or big) to give positivity. Smiling is always positive! If you feel shy at first, you can try smiling at the dogs you pass by, then their owners. You will learn that smiling always makes the other person feel good!

  • Travel. Explore other parts of your state or the world. By doing this, you learn different cultures and interact with different types of people. This adds to your knowledge–and maybe even your vocabulary! You can start by going on your own or with a close friend.

  • Document Your Life. Take pictures and write journals. Along the way, you will look back at your pictures and see the people who have come and go, and those who have stayed with you. You will realize that life is all about living in the “now” and reflecting on the past, but never forgetting that the future is still yours to write.

  • Volunteer for a Cause. If there is a cause that your heart is close to, you can start looking for organizations that need your help to pay it forward to the society and the community. Doing this increases your happiness too, as you get to realize that you can actually create impact by doing little things. You don’t need to do grand things all the time.

  • Donate to Charity. If you have more than enough for daily sustenance and more, maybe it is time to see how you can help others achieve greater things. With your help, you can actually provide scholarship to children in need or hospitals for the sickly.

Pay it forward to the people who need help by checking us out at www.ndcanorthamerica.org. We are (NDCA) NSU Development & Cultural Association – North America, a non-profit organization that is passionate to give back to society and gives hope to a better future!

Call us at 1-709-424-9565 or email us at scholastica.madu7@gmail.com and ienwerem@gmail.com. We are located at 6971 Northern Sheridan Road, Chicago, Illinois. We hope to talk to you soon!

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