5 Fundraising Tips Every NGO Should Consider

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NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) are mostly not-for-profit. They carry out their charity works without expecting any ROI. Depending on the size of the NGO, it is possible that the organization will always be strapped for cash.

To solve the problem that comes with being short of cash, NGOs like NDCA can take advantage of fundraising activities to invite philanthropists to donate. Making this fundraising activity a success is a must. Here are fundraising tips that every NGO should consider if they want to rake in enough donations to support their charity services:

  1. Form a List
    Put together a guest list of the people you want to invite to the said fundraising activity. You can start off with those personalities who are known to be charitable. You can even find those philanthropists whose advocacies are in line with the charity service you are raising funds for.
  2. Set a Goal
    Have a goal. The goal should be realistic. If the goal is too far off, there is a higher risk that the fundraising campaign becomes a failure. If the goal is realistic, it will only help the members strive to reach that. In addition, it will also help your donors to decide how much to donate if the NGO has a clear target of the amount they want to raise.
  3. Invite Potential Donors Personally
    It is important to invite potential donors to the fundraising event personally. If it is impossible to do so in person, then send handwritten letters instead of emails. You can send an email later on when you want to follow up on the receiver’s response to your invitation.
  4. Don’t Hesitate to Use Online Fundraising Tools
    Nowadays, many online tools can be used to help NGOs raise the money they need to function. It is easy to pack the page with the pertinent information concerning the fundraising event as well as where the money raised will go. Another advantage of using online fundraising tools is that it can open more options for potential donors to donate.
  5. Send a “Thank You” Note
    If you have received a donation, don’t forget to send a “thank you” note. Not only will you be showing your gratitude to the donor, you can also subtly encourage them to donate again in the future. The note can be an email or a personal note. You may also express your thanks to the person who sent the donation personally.

(NDCA) NSU Development & Cultural Association – North America is just one of the NGOs with the extensive drive for donations. If you want to donate to support the organization’s charity projects, you may keep in touch at 1-709-424-9565. We’ll make sure that there is transparency in where your donations are used.

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