Is Helping Others your Passion? Here are Five Reasons to Become an NDCA Volunteer

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Volunteering is a great way to boost your professional and social skills in a working environment. It is an opportunity to meet new people, build relationships, learn something new, and explore a new field. As a volunteer, you are willing to give your time to do charity works without any financial gain. You are vital to (NDCA) NSU Development & Cultural Association – North America to help us deliver our services to the people in Nigeria who need them. Here are the reasons you should consider being one of our volunteers:

  • Help Other People Learn
    Health education is crucial to the long-term sustenance of Nigerians. If you have the skills to teach parents about cooking nutritious meals, maintaining hygiene, and minimizing their food expenses, then that would provide a great help in changing their way of life. Also, we appreciate charity work to teach new career skills to adults and teenagers. Volunteering takes you out of your daily life and lets you share what you’ve got. In turn, it teaches you something about compassion, cooperation and yourself.
  • Find Something Satisfying
    For many volunteers, doing charity work lets them act in a way which is consistent with their principles. As they help in changing something in people’s lives, this provides meaning to their existence beyond just looking after themselves. This transforms them from being self-centered to being important for other people.
  • Learn a New Skill
    Working with the team at NDCA allows you to work toward a common goal. When you master it, you will be able to understand and fulfill your role as well as learn to communicate effectively with other people. Learning to become an effective team member is a skill that makes you an effective volunteer.
  • Realize How Even a Simple Gesture can Make a Difference
    As you try to get through your daily priorities, you may easily forget about giving other people the appreciation they deserve. But, when you teach a small Nigerian child to write, you concentrate on them. As they show you what they wrote, you would give them encouragement and appreciation. This simple gesture could do more for that child than anything they got in the past few days.
  • Get a New Perspective
    Working with the young people in Nigeria who are susceptible to the effects of unstable economic situations will provide you with a new perspective. NDCA needs volunteers as we offer a continuity of services for children and their parents. Apart from your willingness to teach basic subjects, we ask our volunteers to help with events and fund raising that is necessary to keep up with the demand.

If you have the time and dedication to touch and change lives, we invite you to volunteer with us. NDCA has been working to help many people in Nigeria live a better life. Please visit our website for more information on how you could join us.

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