Why Volunteer?

Why volunteer

What am I doing with my life? You’ve probably asked yourself this question over the years. Certain circumstances have prodded you to think about your life and what you’re doing with it. It can be good to deviate from one’s routine once in a while. Who knows, doing volunteer work is where you might end up. Being a volunteer can be one of the most fulfilling experiences there is. To help people selflessly is something that we should constantly do in our lives. It doesn’t hurt to be kind to others. Aside from being able to help out, NDCA has listed down four more reasons why volunteering can be good for you too.

  • It exposes you
    It’s the real deal. It exposes you to the problems that you normally would read about during class. Poverty is still abundant and one way out of the millions we can do for the people living in poverty is to help them have access to medical checkups or facilities. Poverty isn’t something that we can easily diminish. It takes years and years of working together to help people rise out of it.
  • You learn more
    Being exposed to real-life situations can help you grow as a person. Nothing beats experience, they say. The lessons you learn from your time being a volunteer will be lessons that you will always carry with you for the rest of your life. Being a part of something so incredible does that to you.
  • You’ll find friends in strangers
    It might be a bit intimidating at first to work with people you don’t know but this is an opportunity in itself. Working on a project has to have communication, so naturally, you’ll talk with these people. It can be great to listen to why they’re there and where they came from. It can feel pretty good to be with people who have the same sentiments and values as you.
  • It’s helpful for you
    Whether it be physically, emotionally, or mentally, doing volunteer work can also help you. It can help you become aware of the problems your country has and what you can do to reduce or remove this. This world and the people occupying it should unceasingly help each other out. Kindness is something that one can never get tired of, no matter how it’s presented.

From constructing hospitals to doing medical missions, NSU Development & Cultural Association-North America or NDCA has unwaveringly dedicated itself to helping those who are in need. To know more about our organization, please click here: www.ndcanorthamerica.org/charity-organization-about-us. If you have any questions, you can reach us at 1-709-424-9565.

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