5 Things to Always Bring While Doing Volunteer Work

5 Things to Always Bring While Doing Volunteer Work

Nothing beats the rush of excitement whenever you do something for the very first time. Constantly exposing yourself to new adventures isn’t only a lot of fun, but you’ll also learn a lot from it. Although the things you’ll learn can be taught in the classroom, it will always be close to your heart when you are actually doing it instead of reading about it. Although the combination of the two isn’t all that bad either. Doing volunteer work is such a simple yet powerful act of kindness that not only helps the people, you’re doing it for it can also be helpful to you. If you’re planning to do some volunteer work, here are a couple of things we, at NDCA, would suggest you bring along during your volunteer work:

  1. A first-aid kit
    The likelihood of being injured while doing your work will be high, so it’s best to prepare for this risk by bringing along a first-aid kit. Luckily, there are different sorts of first-aid kits now, among them is a travel-friendly kit that won’t take up a lot of space in your luggage. This will also come in handy when there aren’t clinics nearby where you’re based.
  2. Bug repellent
    Although the organization who’s spearheading the project might have already told you what to expect and what to bring, it will be good to read about the place you’re going to. If it’s far from where you’re living or is in a completely different country, you should pack clothes that are suitable for the environment so that you won’t have to do some last-minute shopping. Bug repellent or any insect repellent should also be on your ‘To Bring’ list. We all know how distracting insects can be, especially if they’re constantly swarming your face.
  3. Medicine and vitamins
    If you aren’t used to the nature of your work or it’s your first time doing volunteer work, your body might take a couple of days to get used to it. Make sure to bring medicine and vitamins that will last for the entirety of the project.
  4. Sunscreen
    This can be applicable to volunteer work that constantly exposes you to the sun. Make sure that the sunscreen lotion that you purchase has high SPF and you aren’t allergic to it. To avoid heat stroke, make sure you drink plenty of water and always take breaks in between.
  5. A disposable phone
    If you’re unsure if there’s electricity there, it’s better to bring along a disposable phone than the one you use regularly. This can help you focus more on your work and you don’t have to frantically search for a charging outlet all the time.

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