The Importance of Hospitals in Rural Areas


Good health is a necessity for people. Without good health, an individual will not be able to properly function, live, and survive. To ensure good health, one must always strive hard to follow a healthy lifestyle. However, there are situations when a person gets sick and will need medical attention. This is why hospitals are essential for the delivery of healthcare to people.

  • Less hospitals in rural areas
    In many places, particularly the rural areas, hospitals are scarce in number. The individuals who require medical attention often have to travel far just to be able to get the care they need. This results to higher medical costs and even loss of precious time. Here are a few reasons why the construction of hospitals is important.
  • Easy healthcare access

    This is obviously the first reason. Rural areas do not have enough hospitals where patients may receive care. Sometimes, they do not even have one hospital within the community. It will require long travels to be able to get medical attention for themselves or for their loved ones.

  • Address the medical and healthcare needs of more patients

    There are a lot of patients who opt to just stay at home or go on with their lives without receiving proper medical attention. This is because they would rather spend their time close to their homes than travel to hospitals situated in far places. Oftentimes, they end up getting worse by the day. With the construction of more hospitals in rural areas, more residents will be able to have their medical and healthcare needs addressed.

  • Less crowded hospitals

    Since there is a scarcity in the number of hospitals, these facilities often get a little too crowded. Due to the high number of patients admitted to few hospitals, the facilities are unable to provide proper care to many patients. This situation will only make the health conditions of the patients worse. They might even spread diseases to other individuals.

NSU Development & Cultural Association – North America is a non-profit organization that looks out for the welfare of our Nigerian brothers and sisters, as well as all other people in the world. We know how important hospitals are in the delivery of quality medical attention and healthcare.

As an ongoing project of NDCA, we aim to construct hospitals that will help the citizens of Nigeria get access to healthcare easily. Through your help, may it be through donations, volunteerism, or sponsorship, we can work together to make this project a reality. For your inquiries, you may contact us at 1-709-424-9565.

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