5 Types of Charities Worth Donating To

Charities have a broad range when it comes to their missions. Before you pledge or commit to a certain charity, it is better for you to first identify the different types of charities worth donating to. That way, you will know if your chosen charity is really the one that speaks to your soul. Here are the top five charities that you should take note of.

    Most people love cuddly, furry animals. Some people are even into the exotic ones. Currently, there’s a significant number of people around the world who support animal charities. Some of the common missions aimed by these animal charities include wildlife conservation, zoos and aquariums, hunting and fishing conservation, as well as pet and animal welfare.
    Health charities are those charities that support the sick and the disabled. Some of the health charities also focus on creating cures for ailments that have long afflicted a significant percentage of the world population (e.g., cancer, Hepatitis C). Another mission that health charities take upon themselves is raising awareness among the populace about specific health risks.
    Many international NGOs such as NCDA exist for the purpose of helping those people in other countries who need their help the most. Their mission may push for international development or it may be for disaster relief and humanitarian purposes. It may also be for peace and human rights.
    Not all people who want to go to school can actually do so. It is for these people that education charities exist for. Through the efforts of education charities, those who aspire to get their diploma can have the chance of fulfilling their dream regardless of their age. These education charities may provide scholarships, as well as financial aides for university, high school, or private elementary. Of course, they don’t only support students. They may also support outstanding teachers or parents.
    The preservation of our artistic and cultural heritage is actually very important if we want to have a legacy to pass down to the generations that come after us. Thus, it is only natural that arts and culture charities exist nowadays. They may promote museums and art galleries or support the performing arts. Building libraries and creating historical societies are covered within their tasks too.

These are just some of the charities that are worth donating to. The charity you choose should have a purpose that is close to your heart. If you are into helping people of Nigeria live better lives, consider donating even a small amount to the cause promoted by NSU Development & Cultural Association – North America. Call us at 1-709-424-9565 to see how you can be of help.

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