How Valuable Is Medication in Underprivileged Societies?

How Valuable Is Medication in Underprivileged Societies?

Medication, depending on what kind, is something we can easily access. Even the rarest types, when needed, are not impossible to obtain. It’s because we can readily acquire these products that lead us to take them for granted sometimes. So now, let’s stop and think about those who can’t buy life-saving pills because there are no drugstores or health centers in their area. Let’s talk about those who have an advanced-stage illness and can’t even avail of over-the-counter drugs or the most commonly-used pain relievers to somehow make their situation better. These are real-life situations that have befallen some our brothers and sisters around the globe.

To people living in underprivileged societies, medication is invaluable – so invaluable that they would kill for it. Situations, when people are being murdered for medicine, are not uncommon in some parts of the world. You would be surprised at the lengths people would go to for a drug that could potentially cure or relieve the pain of a loved one. You can only fault the unfairness of the world and blame it for why things are happening this way. In your bubble, you sometimes forget that many are struggling to buy medication that is merely being given away by health centers in your city. It makes you tear up just thinking about it.

Now, imagine this scenario in a privileged society:

Your loved one has a high fever. And while it’s definitely a cause for concern, it’s usually nothing you’d need to panic about. All you have to do is drop by the nearest pharmacy, pick up some acetaminophen or ibuprofen, and be done with it. If you’re not sure about the medication you’re purchasing then you can always consult the pharmacist. You are offered a wide range of solutions by professionals most-equipped to help you. It can’t get any better or any more convenient than that.

Scenario in a deprived society:

Your loved one has the flu. You may have to prepare yourself for it to lead to various other complications, fever being the least of your worries. Your loved one may have to fight for his life and you may have to fight for yours just to give him the relief or cure he needs. The nearest health center is hundreds of miles away. You don’t have the money to get there. You can’t leave your loved alone to travel that far because in the time you’d be gone, he’ll probably succumb to his illness.

Now, imagine the disparity between these two situations. To say it is heartbreaking is an understatement. It is an issue that should make us ashamed of ourselves for not doing anything about it. But let us not focus on that – let us instead focus on taking action. We can do that by partnering with renowned charitable organizations such as (NDCA) NSU Development & Cultural Association – North America, for starters.

NDCA provides an array of programs that include providing medication to societies that aren’t easily able to gain access to them. We strive to help the poor, sick, oppressed, and unfairly treated the means to rise above their situations and live the life they deserve.

For assistance, please contact the NDCA office. You may also browse our website for further details on how to donate, volunteer, or become a sponsor.

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