How Education Can Help Reduce Poverty

How Education Can Help Reduce Poverty

People are struggling because of poverty. It is a condition in the society that lessens progress and opportunities. When the community is suffering from poverty, we can always trace it back to the root cause and most of the time, it is the lack of education. Education is a basic and fundamental need of an individual and a community. It is a parameter that helps in measuring how productive and well-disciplined a person can be.

Education does not only refer to schools and colleges. It is also something that people can learn from the field. During voluntary services, skills training is very evident. Volunteers learn from the community and vice versa.

Accessibility of education

Formal education like the one in schools and in training centers are necessary to earn a degree. But there are also what we call “informal education” which hastens the skills of an individual. Informal education targets the individual’s skills on how it can be useful to the community. Skills training are very effective in bringing out the talent in each individual. They can find a living just by doing what they do best.

Education during voluntary services

Activities that require volunteers are often sponsored by non-government organizations. These activities target remote areas where poverty is rampant. These are done not because they can’t do it themselves but because they don’t know how to begin. Voluntary services are only aimed at teaching the people on how to do it, to make them self-reliant for the future.

Just like in building hospitals, volunteers share knowledge why a hospital has to be built. It is not just by the act of building, it is with how it is being built and how it will be used once done. While building the hospital volunteers educate the community the importance of medical help. This way, it will also open the eyes of the community for their unnoticed medical needs. It will trigger their curiosity about health and medical help.

Education and poverty

Poverty doesn’t only mean financial problems. It can also be mentally, emotionally, and socially devastating. Offering your services and help to the community who needs it most is like giving light into their darkness. Education and poverty have been a great concern for the rest of the world. By educating one community at a time, we are giving hope and a new direction to the people.

If you have an extra time and energy, you can always help our cause. NSU Development & Cultural Association – North America is a non-government organization who helps communities in Nigeria and all other countries across the world. Our activities have changed many lives in the communities and countries that we have helped. If you feel that your schedule won’t allow another activity, we also accept your heartfelt donations for our cause. Even the smallest amount will count to the lives of those whom we help.

Please share this information with your friends and families online who wish to help other people in different ways!

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