The NDCA Youth creates initiatives and activities that will tackle health, education, mentorship programs, and other relevant endeavors for the enhancement of the young people in the community we’re serving. These initiatives are crucial in bringing a family out of poverty, one young person at a time.

We will empower our fellow young people to participate in these initiatives. They can join in the following ways:

  • Donation
    They can sponsor for the school supplies or medication bills of a community member, among others.
  • Volunteer
    They can volunteer their presence and assistance in clinical services, constructing schools and hospitals, and other relevant programs.
  • Participate
    They can also participate in our programs by promoting our fundraising events on their social media page or telling others to donate or volunteer.

If you would like to be updated of our regular programs or want to know more about other ways you can help a fellow young people experience a better life, feel free to talk to us at 1-709-424-9565.