NDCA Board of Trustees

The birth of the Nsu Development and Cultural Association (NDCA) of North America made it expedient to elect the Board of Trustees. As a not-for-profit organization and like most other not-for –profit organizations, the functions of the Board were tied with the article of faith and mission statement for which NDCA was established.

The functions of Boards are varied and complex depending on the size of the organization they oversee. Irrespective of complexity, there are however two axiomatic functions the Board performs and these are:

  • Fiduciary responsibility: Making sure that the association’s property is preserved and its financial obligations are met both to the government and the projects and programs the association intends to execute. Making sure also that the association complies with public laws, both federal and state e.g. tax returns and other non-profit filings. Hence it is the responsibility of the Board to assure the integrity of the Association’s assets.
  • Supportive responsibility: This ensures that the Association’s goals and projects are met.

With the fore-going therefore, other functions of the NDCA Board which are specific to the organization as enunciated in the NDCA instrument of governance comprise the following:

  • Governing the NDCA by establishing broad policies and objectives
  • Supporting and reviewing the performance of both the NDCA Executive and the Association
  • Investigating and resolving disputes between members, and those between members and the NDCA
  • Investigating and resolving disputes between members of the Executive.

The Executive must ensure that that the Board is notified of any major projects, programs and expenses.

NDCA Board Membership

The NDCA Board of Directors/Trustees is composed of six elected members. This six Board membership is grouped into two tiers of three members each. The first tier holds office for four years while the second tier holds office for three years. The idea behind this arrangement is to ensure continuity and to avoid Board memberships expiring at the same time.

The Board of Directors/Trustees is composed of the following members:

Mr. CC. Osigwe Board Chairman
Mr. Matthew Ntamere Member
Chief Dan Osuagwu Member
Lady Ngozi Okeadu Member
Prince Randy Ejike Nduka Member
Dr. Uche Nwokenkwo Member